North of Divide Community Association
"To be one voice with a shared understanding."



1.  What is NODCA?

North of Divide Community Association (NODCA) is a not for profit community association that also operates as a Planning District Commission and a Development Appeals Board. The North of Divide is made up of the Rural Municipalities of Loon Lake No.561, Meadow Lake No.588, and Beaver River No.622, the City of Meadow Lake, and the Villages of Dorintosh, Goodsoil, Loon Lake, and Pierceland. 

The North of Divide Community Association was officially formed in January of 2010, since then the North of Divide Community Association has been meeting to discuss areas of cooperation on an inter-juristicional basis.  In September 2011, the  North of Divide  received provincial ministerial order to establish the North of Divide Planning District Commission.  In November of 2011, the North of Divide municipalities entered into an agreement to create the north of Divide Development Appeals Board.  

The North of Divide has been meeting to discuss common interest issues which focus around a variety of topics including needs for policing and bylaw enforcement, emergency measures organization; opportunities; business promotion and retention; Developments and Subdivisions; the barriers that limit growth opportunities within the NODCA region; and to hear development appeals from throughout the region.

2.  Where would I find policies for my municipality?

Each municipality should have their policies available either on their website or by contacting the municipal office.

Council & Government

1. I want to run for council.  Where could I get more information?

Your local municipal office


2. Are council meetings open to the public?

Yes all Council meetings are open to the public and no person shall be excluded except for improper conduct.

Link: government/municipal- administration/tools-guides- and-resources/council- procedures

3. How can council address my issues?

Contact the Administrator at your local municipal office and provide a written summary of the items you would like to be addressed.

4. What is The Municipalities Act?

Legislation outlining the areas of jurisdiction under which municipalities have by-law and regulatory powers


5. Who's on my local Council?


Assessment &Taxation

1. Assessment definitions and Explanations


2. Where do I get my property assessment?

Your local municipal office mails your Property assessments out. Property assessment information is also available online via Samaview, SAMA's property assessment application. Link:

This website can show you a map of all property in your municipality and give you a summarized breakdown of each of their assessments that you can use for comparison purposes.

3. Why has my property assessment changed?

Property assessments change for any of two reasons:

There is a change in annual budget requirements for the municipality/school division.  The Municipality determines the requirements except for the school portion, which is determined by the Province.

A particular property assessment (market value) changed more or less than average.  This affects the share of taxes paid by one property versus another.

Link: lookup "about assessment"

6. What do taxes pay for?

The Municipality’s tax revenue goes into a general revenue fund, which is used to pay for all operating expenses that are not covered by provincial grants, user fees or other revenue sources, the school portion of your taxes is remitted to the province and used to fund your local school district.

7. Why do I pay school taxes?

The prosperity and general well being of society, or the community we live in is directly related to the education of its people.  For that reason the costs of education are deemed to be the responsibility of all of society. Our education, if received in Canada, is generally assumed to have be paid for by the previous generation of taxpayers. People who do not own property contribute indirectly through their rental or lease payments.

8. I would like to know who owns a property.  How can I find out information?

Website and look for Quick search. For a fee and if the owner's name has been published you can get information on the title holder: You'll need a credit card, the Parcel number, title number or Land description.

9. Where can I obtain a map of my municipality?

At your local municipal office.

Planning & Development

1. How can I get a copy of the Community Plan for my Municipality?

NODCA's DOCP and the Community Plans for each of our members can be found at the following websites:


Meadow Lake -

R.M. of Meadow Lake -

Pierceland -

Village of Loon Lake -

Goodsoil -

Village of Dorintosh -

2. How do I get the Zoning Bylaw Regulations for my Community?

Zoning bylaws for each of the following Municipalities within NODCA can be found on the following websites.  Those that don't have them posted can be obtained at your local Municipal office.

City of Meadow Lake -

RM of Meadow Lake 588 -

RM of Beaver River 622 -


1. What is the difference between a development permit and a building permit?

A development permit allows a specific type of development on a specific parcel of land in the community to proceed with the zoning and development bylaws of the municipality.  I may stipulate some of the following conditions: the allowed use of the property, intensity of that use, building height, building site coverage, setbacks from property lines and other buildings and parking requirements.

A building permit allows construction of buildings or structure to proceed on condition of compliance with the National Building Code of Canada 1995 as adopted by regulations under The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act. 

Some municipalities use a single permit form and approval to cover both permits, but note that a building permit is not valid unless a development permit (where one is required) is issued.

2. When do I require a development permit?

Everyone must complete a development permit All development requires a development permit unless the activity fall under the list your municipality has each municipality has different requirements for when a development permit is not required. The zoning bylaw for each community specifically states when a development permit is not required, ask for a copy of the zoning bylaw in your municipality at your local municipal office.

3. What are the fees for these permits?

Village of Loon Lake - Development Permit - $0.00, Building Permit - $25.00

Loon Lake RM 561 - Development Permit - $0.00, Building Permit - $250.00 and $550.00

Village of Goodsoil - Development Permit - $0.00, Building Permit - $1.00 per $$1,000 value

Village of Pierceland - Development Permit - $0.00, Building Permit - Residential - $1.50 per $$1,000 or $50.00, whichever is greater, Commercial - $5.00 per $1,000 value.

RM of Beaver River 622 - Development Permit - $100.00, $1.00 per $1,000.00 value, minimum of $100.00, plus the fee charged by the building inspector.

RM of Meadow Lake 588 - Development Permit - $25.00 permitted,  $50.00 discretionary, Building Permit - fee charged by the building inspector.

Village of Dorintosh - Development Permit - $0.00, Building Permit - min. $50.00 + fee charged by building inspector

City of Meadow Lake

5. Where do I get a plumbing permit?

Contact your local Public Health office

6. Other Permits:

For information on permit requirements for other items such as Petroleum tanks, private sewage disposal systems or burning permits contact your local municipal office.